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AbciximabAbiciximab  10mgVial
AdenosineAdenosine 6mg  x 1ampAmps
DuronAmiodarone (Sterile) 150mg x 5ampAmps
DobustatDobutamin 250mg/5ml x 2ampsAmps
DobustatDobutamin 250mg/5ml x 5ampsAmps
DoparDopamine 40mg x 5 ampsAmps
DixinDigoxin 4mg x 10Amps
EsmololEsmolol x 1 vialVial
HydralazineHydralazine 20mg x 10ampsAmps
IsoprenalineIsoprenaline inj x 5ampsAmps
Magnesium SulphateMagnesium Sulphate x 10 ampAmps
MilicorMilrinone lactateAmps
NitroglycerineNitroglycerine x 5 ampAmps
AdrenorNoradrenaline 10mgAmps
Naloxone Inj 0.4mgNaloxone Inj 0.4mg10 X 1ml
Fenoxene injPhenoxybenzamine(sterile) concentrateAmp
Phenylepherine Hydro.injPhenylepherine Hydro.injAmp
Sodium Nitroprusside injSodium Nitroprusside x 5ampAmp
Streptokinase 750,000iuStreptokinase 750,000iuVial
IcikinaseStreptokinase 1,500,000iuVial
TerlistatTerlipressin 1mg/10mlVial
VPIVerapamil 5mg x 10Amp
Cpressin-PVasopressin IP 20unitsAmp
Vasopressin InjectionVasopressin Injection USP 20 Units/ml 10 X 1mlAmp
Hypotenalol-200 TabLabetalol Hydrochloride 200mg3 × 10
Telmisartan TabletsTelmisartan Tablets 80mg3 X 30
Telmisartan TabletsTelmisartan Tablets 40mg3 X 30
Losark 50Losartan Potassium 50mg3 × 10
Excelosa tabletsLosartan Potassium and Hydrochlorothiazide 50mg/12.5mgTab
RovatinRosuvastatin 10mg3 × 10
Metoprolol TartrateMetoprolol Tartrate (5ml x 5) 
AvilPheniramine Maleate Inj 10 x 2mlAmp
DeriphyllinInjection Of Etofylline & Theophylline 50 X 2mlAmp
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