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About Us

Global Oneword Healthcare Limited is an indigenous Pharmaceutical Company established in June 2012 while active marketing of products started in June 2013

Global Oneword Healthcare Limited specializes in importing, marketing, selling and distributing ONCOLOGY drugs, OTC (Over The Counter) prescription drugs as well as other materials that relates to health care and health services.


Our Mission is to provide High quality medicines at affordable price to customers.


Our Vision is to emerge as the best pharmaceutical marketing company and Healthcare provider across many nations.


To create wealth by marketing, selling and distributing imported drugs of the different segments in our portfolio (Oncology, fertility, Neuropsychiatric, ICU, etc) to Nigerians.


Our range of anti- cancer drugs meet with the standardized chemotherapy regimen to provide medical care for persons diagnosed with cancer with a curative intent, or it may aim to prolong life or to reduce symptoms.


Global Oneword Healthcare Limited is a major player in the industry with apt dedication to providing very potent Over The Counter drugs that have stood the test of time. Our multivitamins and other lines are the best you can ask for.


We are also a major player in the industry of Fertility Drugs. Physicians don’t go wrong when they prescribe our drugs to their patients who always come back with clearly defined evidence of effectiveness. All our drugs have passed the potency test over time and are ready for use.

We Specialize in ONCOLOGY drugs, OTC, fertility as well as other medical related items, devices and services.
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