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Used to combat nutritional deficiencies that occur as a result of illness, pregnancy, digestive disorders, poor nutrition and many other conditions. It contains the recommended vitamins and mineral required for normal daily activities for all ages.
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It is a nutritional supplement that helps to maintain proper health and boost immune system for men of all ages. This supplement contains co-enzyme Q10 which is known to be good due to its Cardio-protective properties and also prevents migraine headache. This supplement also contains...
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It contains essential nutritional vitamins and mineral required for normal metabolic processes that takes place in the body throughout all the stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is a One-a- day supplement for conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
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Global Oneword Healthcare Limited specializes in importing, marketing, selling and distributing ONCOLOGY drugs, OTC (Over The Counter) prescription drugs as well as other materials that relates to health care and health services.


Global Oneword Healthcare Limited is a major player in the industry with apt dedication to providing very potent Over The Counter (OTC) drugs that have stood the test of time. Our multivitamins and other lines are the best you can ask for.

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May 31, 2021
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We Specialize in ONCOLOGY drugs, OTC, fertility as well as other medical related items, devices and services.
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